Welcome to the metadata catalogue of tourism data sources

What is the aim of the website?

The aim of the website is to gather and share all relevant metadata about tourism data in Switzerland. The inventory consists of existing sources, datasets, identifiers, other inventories and initiatives that focus on tourism. The inventory works as the metadata catalogue, that helps to locate, manage, use and share datasets.

Data inventory is a list of datasets annotated with important information (known as metadata) that can help users understand what it contains, how it is managed and the ways it will be made available for others to use. There are no data uploaded directly to the website, but just linked to their sources.

What types of data you can find in the inventory?

In the inventory you will find different types of data sources categorized by theme, spatial and time coverage, license, their formats. The inventory covers both: open and closed data sources. In case of closed data you will find the information about how to get access to the datasets.

The inventory will be developed incrementally by adding new data sources in cooperation with data providers as well as by developing selected use cases that will help illustrate how the data can be used in practice.

How to join us and share your data Please contact us in order to discuss what datasets you want to publish in the inventory: support@tourismdata.ch

Support Please visit our subpage with Frequently asked Questions. In case you need more support please contact us: support@tourismdata.ch

About the Resilient Tourism Flagship Project This website and the inventory www.tourismdata.ch were created as part of the National Data Infrastructure for Tourism (NaDIT), that is one of subprojects of Resilient Tourism Flagship Project financed by Innosuisse.

The aim of the Resilient Tourism Flagship Project is to overcome the current disadvantages and challenges for tourism actors and foster systemic innovation with creation of a robust, science-based national framework. Researchers from HSLU, together with academic partners (EHL, HES-SO, FHGR, HSG) and more than 30 industry partners will join forces to improve the business environment for tourism companies through better data intelligence and exchange of best practices.

One of the central goals of project partners is to compile a national data infrastructure for tourism (NaDIT), what will be a crucial foundation for future data-informed decisions. NaDIT will also ensure the cooperation of data users, providers and data subjects in a legal and technically trustworthy manner. What is more, data infrastructure will serve the improvement and development of tourism services and establishing new business models.